Corporate Notice

Jurisprudentia is a limited liability company, buy whose registered trade name is Asianajotoimisto Jurisprudentia Oy, and whose registered parallel trade names are Jurisprudentia Attorneys-at-Law Ltd., Studio legale Jurisprudentia S.p.A. and Advokatbyrå Jurisprudentia Ab.

The Company is established under the laws of Finland, having its offices located in Helsinki. Based on Sec. 5, 2nd paragraph of the Advocates Act (12.12.1958/496), the Finnish Bar Association granted Jurisprudentia license to practice law in a corporate form.

Jurisprudentia possesses and maintains appropriate registrations in the jurisdiction in which its offices are located. The Firm is therefore subject to the laws of Finland. The Firm and its lawyers are subject to the rules of the Finnish Bar Association to which are admitted to practice in the jurisdiction of Finland.

Under Finnish law, only members of the Finnish Bar Association may use the professional title “asianajaja” or “advokat”. Jurisprudentia partner has the official title “advokat” or “asianajaja”. The conditions that a lawyer need to fulfil in order to be granted membership in the Finnish Bar Association can be found in English on the Bar’s website,

Bar membership means that Jurisprudentia, as well as its attorneys, is committed to honestly and conscientiously fulfill the tasks entrusted to him and he shall, at all times, observe the rules of proper professional conduct for advocates. Jurisprudentia, as well as its attorneys, is also committed to observe the law in every action as well as the code of conduct for attorneys and any other guidance issued by the Finnish Bar Association or other competent Bar Association. For information on Bar regulations and other matters concerning the practice of law in Finland, please visit the Finnish Bar Association website at

For any other aspect concerning the services, please refer to the Notice on Attorneys’ Services.