Notice on Attorneys Services

Petteri Viljakainen is a Finnish attorney with a long and meritorious career as a business lawyer. He graduated from the Law Faculty of the University of Helsinki in 1993. He also possesses a LL.M. in European Business Law awarded from the University of Amsterdam. Furthermore, price advice Mr. Viljakainen has also taken private international law studies at The Hague Academy of International Law.

Mr. Viljakainen has worked more than ten years as an expert business law counsellor within the audit sector. Other working experience was gained from two Attorneys-At-Law Offices and from the Office of the Finnish Competition Authority. Mr. Viljakainen also worked in Brussels and in London. Currently, nurse he is working for the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries.

Mr. Viljakainen has a versatile and extensive experience on Agreements, Labour Law, Competition Law and Public Procurement, M&A including Due Diligences and Corporation Law.

Mr. Viljakainen speaks Finnish as mother language and English.

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The Directive 2006/123/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on services in the internal market was implemented in Finland by the Services Act (1166/2009) entered into force on 28.12.2009. The Act is concerned with the offer of services in general, approved however, web in the said act some specific duties of information concerning attorney’s activities are triggered.

Based on the above norm, please find below the following notice on attorney’s services:

Trade name

Registered trade name:

Asianajotoimisto Jurisprudentia Oy

Registered parallel trade names:

Jurisprudentia Attorneys-at-Law Ltd.
Studio Legale Jurisprudentia S.p.A.
Advokatbyrå Jurisprudentia Ab.


Jurisprudentia Attorneys-at-Law Ltd. (Asianajotoimisto Jurisprudentia Oy)

Vuorikatu 16
00100, Helsinki
Tel. +358 9 4281 7000 Fax: +358 9 494 113

Registering Authority

Jurisprudentia Attorneys-at-Law Ltd. is registered with the Trade Register, which the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (in Finnish: “Suomen Patentti- ja Rekisterihallitus”) is in charge to maintain.

Business Id and VAT number

Jurisprudentia Attorneys-at-Law Ltd. business ID (in Finnish “Y-tunnus”) is: 2140888-1

The VAT Number (in Finnish “ALV-Tunnus”) is FI21408881

Attorney’s Record

The attorney of Jurisprudentia Attorneys-at-Law Ltd is enrolled in the Attorneys’ Record, which the Finnish Bar Association is in charge to keep.

Professional title

The professional title of attorney-at-law (in Finnish ”Asianajaja” in Swedish “Advokat”) is conferred in Finland.

Supervising Authority

The authority in charge for controlling the attorneys of Jurisprudentia Attorneys-at-Law Ltd. is the following:

The Finnish Bar Association (in Finnish: Suomen Asianajajaliitto)
PL 194 (Simonkatu 12 B)
Tel. (09) 6866 120
Fax (09) 6866 1299


Jurisprudentia Attorneys-at-Law is covered by a liability insurance policy in conformity with the rules and guidelines of the Finnish Bar Association.

The references of the insurance company are the following:

IF Vakuutusyhtiö Oy, Business Id: 1614120-3
Niittyportti 4,
02200 Espoo
Tel. +358 10 19 15 15, Fax. +358 10 514 4028
Other aspects referring to services
Please refer to the Corporate Notice